ChAmBeRs (dramapassion07) wrote in c0mpliment_me,

Hey everyone, Im Ashley C. I live in CenterLine, MI its really small, and inside the city of Warren. I like all types of music, and I really cant say I dont like country, cuz i mean for the first 7 years of my life, i had to listen to it (my mom loves it)so ya, i dont mind it much. I love my family, even if we argue. I love my freinds too, there all really cool. In general, I am a pretty good person. I can be a bitch, but cant everyone every once in a while? I have a b/f, hes cool.I saw this community and thought it was cool, cuz this is the first one i have ever seen like it. But ya anyways, my scanner is broke,so sorry no pics. But I should be able to have some one day (when we get it fixed lol) Talk to everyone soon =)
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