~+~Dana Lee~+~ (sweetgreenmnm) wrote in c0mpliment_me,
~+~Dana Lee~+~

I have pictures. They are on Vampire Freaks. I have not figured out how to add pictures to my journal yet. Looks are not everything though. Personality is as well. If you want to see my pic go on Vampire Freaks though, the username is dobedobedo
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hahaha those pics made me laugh. dana...goth. haha. poser.
chaz stop being an ass...hey dana call me today if greg is having a shingdig pweeze!
aww Smurfette I love you!
Hey Chaz, this isn't a community to bring people down.

Dana you are very great! I love you!!!
Thank you so much Banana Blythe. I love you!
That wasnt me being goth or any other stereotype. Sara Dory wanted to do my makeup so I let her then we took pictures.
i was just kidding around!
i dont really like you dana, but i do respect you.