:::Katie::: (cookoocookoo159) wrote in c0mpliment_me,

Hi everyone Im Katie Im 14 years old im going to be a freshman at Fraser High that is in Michagin :-P My step sister is dRamApAsSioN07 that's who showed me this community :-P I like all differnet types of music. I love the color pink! I love rose's and my last name is Rose. I have 7 brothers and sister...one real brother and the rest step brothers and sister :-P My family and Friends all say im pretty but i sure dont see it :-P I guess i was just always teased about being the "fat kid" or whatever. But i try not to let what people say to me get to me. I really dont know what else to put.:-P

<3333 Katie
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Ahhhhh your friends look like damn FUN!

and you have the best fuckin smile ever, jesus. very pretty. very very very pretty. are you excited for high schooooooooooool
oh they are lots of fun the first picture im feeding my friends some cake he's so weird but i love him :-P yeah im excited for high school :-) and thank you i do like smile but that's about it lol

i like this community it's unlike others everyone is just so nice :-P
im glad you like it :)
AWW You're VERY pretty! I love the dress!
Well Thank you
you have the prettiest smile ever!! i swear it!! and i love your hair in your icon, i just love the color and length!!
and your friends look like so much fun, remind me a bit of mine!!
welcome hun!!
I agree with everyone else, you have a beeeeeeautiful smile =)
Fraser High School, eh? All my cousins went there.
Thank You =)
<3 very pretty. love the last pic!
Thank you :-P
Youre pretty <3.....
Thank you!