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First post. Found this through Juujubee

A little introduction to myself.
First of all, the basics. My name's Jennifyr, I'm sixteen but can feel anywhere from 4 to 100. I have weak knees, I used to get made fun of constantly (all throughout middle school) because I was anti-social and couldn't afford "cool" clothes, also I'm forever self concious and shy.
Oh, and by the way, I'm a truly awful speller.

I have a boyfriend, we have many rocky patches but I can't let him go. I'm jealous, creative, intelligent, moody and a self appointed therapist. I've been diagnosed with ADD and severe clinical depression and anxiety.

I foster cats for the local no-kill shelter, at the moment we have six white kittens who are 6 weeks old and 2 little black kittens who are 4 weeks and still need to be bottle fed. And, we also have our own 11 cats.

People tell me I'm pretty but it's hard to see sometimes, I'm just beginning to feel comfortable in my skin.

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your eyes are awesome!
your eyes and hair are kick ass
i tell ya jen hun, your gorgeous.
and here you are!! these people here are great. i really like this community!!
so there. :*
and i just love that second pic of you. i dont know, its just a GREAT pic. and the last one is a new one i haven't seen and that one is really cool too!
your so pretty hun!
your pretty, and you have lotz of cats. hehe*, but don't worry my drandma had over 30 once. :/

Take Care!! <33

youre soo lucky you get to work with kittens, I LOVE KITTENS ! :)
plus your incredibly gorgeous. You have amazing eyes
You are beautiful... Dont worry i was always made fun of because of the same reasons..... <3