ChAmBeRs (dramapassion07) wrote in c0mpliment_me,

Ok so listen, I am thinking about getting a haircut, itll be like Rouge from X-Men (kinda shoulder laenthish with redish color and 2 white streeks in the front) only i will have banges too. I would like opinions on what you all think of that. O and i am planning on getting my cartalidge pericred, and if anyone has it done, please tell me if it hurts etc....

Mucho LoVe
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I'm sure the hair will look fine.

I got my cartilage pierced when I was like 13, it doesnt hurt but you hear it pop and that's scary.

I miss that piercing, my mom made me take it out =(
O ok, my sister said it was sore for like 2 weeks, is that true?
Depends on what side you get it on and what side you sleep on.
OOO doesnt the right side mean your gay? If so i want the left lmao, and i usually sleep on my right so its all good =)
Lol I dont know, I got mine on my right.
Mine didn't hurt, but I took them out, and they grew up. THeY GROW UP FAST!!
Who grew up? lol i am confused