ChAmBeRs (dramapassion07) wrote in c0mpliment_me,

Hey everyone, Im Ashley C. I live in CenterLine, MI its really small, and inside the city of Warren. I like all types of music, and I really cant say I dont like country, cuz i mean for the first 7 years of my life, i had to listen to it (my mom loves it)so ya, i dont mind it much. I love my family, even if we argue. I love my freinds too, there all really cool. In general, I am a pretty good person. I can be a bitch, but cant everyone every once in a while? I have a b/f, hes cool.I saw this community and thought it was cool, cuz this is the first one i have ever seen like it. But ya anyways, my scanner is broke,so sorry no pics. But I should be able to have some one day (when we get it fixed lol) Talk to everyone soon =)
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I really cant say I dont like country, cuz i mean for the first 7 years of my life, i had to listen to it

You fucking rock!
Jackie! Stop hitting on the people that listen to country!

Ashley C, are you in highschool? If so do you know Tom Rochan?

By the way, you seem REALLY EFFIN AWESOME!
Ya i am in H.S in fact i dated Tom, but it didnt work out, how do you know him?

You seem cool too, do you skate, (cuz i know Tom does)
LMFAO! I've known Tom since the 2nd grade!!! Haha, he is sooo hot.. Not really. He's like 4 feet tall.

Oh geez, he hates me soooo much. He dated the mod of this community! Oh geez.

That's great.
LMAO hes not 4 ft. tall hes like 4 and 1/2 lmao i love him though
Haha omg you are great!
Ew I dated Tom Rochon too. And welcome to my community :)
Thanks lol
LOL so i take it you like country too?
i like country
lol, I'm with you on the whole country music thing!

I love in a small town!

Wow! Ok, Welcome To The Community! :)
lmao thanks
I forgot to mention:
Tom is the worst kisser!
I made out with him
for nachos.

What can I say?
I love food.
LMAO hes not bad, be nice, Hes pretty cool, i mean not the best, but hey noone can top the one guy i had...but we wont name him, but Toms not the worst kisser.
We arent talking right now, hes being an ass to me so w/e
Are you serious when you say:
"but Toms not the worst kisser"?
If so,
I wonder who you've kissed.

I dont mean to come off as a bitch,
but I really hate that kid.

He is a horrible kisser,
he drools lyk wo,
and uses like NO tongue.

Why do you hate him?
Just courious, if its personal you dont have to say anything
Lol it's not personal.

I hate him because he lied to me. I hate liars, like more than anything. Also he tore _singth3sorrow(the mod) and me apart for like 4 months. But then we planned revenge methods on him.

He went out with my ex best friend Dorothy and was like "YEAH SLIPKNOT!" You have to know her and his as long as the rest of us have.

He's also a homophobic lesbian lover.

And in third grade he broke his leg or something and go to use a foot rest which is TOTALLY unfair!

He tried to hook me up with his friend Ryan but I said "nah, too far"

He broke up me and his dog when we were going out.(the dog and me, not tom and me...eww)

He has a water bed.

lol, I know these reasons suck, but I cant really explain why I hate him.

Oh! At the centerline fireworks he ignored me too! I declared my love to him and he was like "Do I know you?!" I was eff that. but then he lost Ryan and talked to us.

Ask him why he hates me, he doesnt even know.
lmao nice nice, but, he has a waterbed, shouldnt that be a plus?
Nah I'm jealous
lmao too true